SCHLATTER MG 200 MG24/7C Mesh Welder (Us.) #3692

SCHLATTER MG 200 MG24/7C Mesh Welder (Us.) #3692

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Diameters 4mm to 8mm, from coil, for the long wire

Diameters 4 mm to 8mm, pre-cut wire in cross-feeding units (System Syrocut for cross wire straightening and cutting)


Year: 1998

Very good condition

The line consists of

  • welding portal SCHLATTER Group mg 24.1 /7c with 7 transformers, each 125KVA
  • long wire feeding units mg24.1
  • cross wire feeding unit GG QS5/QMD/W12 from 1200 to 2500 mm width 2 Syrocut type 2
  • turning and staking units MWS15/06 --1000-6000mm long
  • long wire shear units model MEP
  • loop system 24 wire complete of straightening units
  • 12 long wire payoff table  (24 units)
  • LEU long wire surveillance system

It is visible at our factory, all documentation for use and maintenance and electrical diagrams are available

PLC Siemens Step 5 for: welding machinery, turn and stacking units

PLC Siemens Step 7 for long wire loop and shear units and Syrocut




ModelMG 200 MG24/7C Mesh Welder (Us.) #3692