F&P + Best other Brands: MILLIONS saved every year...

F&P + Best other Brands: MILLIONS saved every year...

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Every year coil service centers of various Countries - mainly Western - buy from us advantageously used/re-manufactured coil processing equipment of the best Brands.

So they get good machinery, normally very efficient, with big savings compared to the purchase of new equipment.

The support we provide to Buyers is the same as that to those, who buy new equipment of our construction: obviously within the limits of the agreed guarantee* for the equipment we have overhauled. (* For coil processing equipment, usually this is six months for mechanics and 12 months for electrics: the latter are supplied new from the factory.)

No used equipment trader in the World is able to provide "Manufacturer" warranties-and-services as we do.


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ModelMILLIONS saved every year...