F&P Slitting Line Questionnaire #3279.1

F&P Slitting Line Questionnaire #3279.1

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Slitting Line Questionnaire -- To quote for a Slitting Line we require this minimum information: 1. Type of Material(s) 2. Maximum Tensile Strength at what Material Thickness 3. Maximum Yield at Max. Material Thickness 4. Entry & Exit Coil Max. Weight 5. (for each Type of Material) Minimum Material Thickness 6. (for each Type of Material) Maximum Material Thickness 7. Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil Width 8. Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil ID 9. Minimum / Maximum Exit Coil ID 10. Maximum Entry Coil OD 11. Maximum Exit Coil OD 12. Minimum Slit Width 13. (for each Type of Material) Max. Number of Cuts Required at What Thickness 14. Required Max. Line Speed 15. Is any Quick Tool Change Type Required? or: automated programmable Slitting Heads, Separators? 16. Entry Crop Shear (Yes or No) 17. Exit Crop Shear (Yes or No) 18. Corrective Straightener (Yes or No) 19. Scrap Baler? Choppers? Winders? (Specify) 20. Planned Annual Line Production 21. Voltage 22. BUDGET Thank you.



ModelSlitting Line Questionnaire #3279.1