GUIDA 385mm x 3mm Slitting Line (Used) #4291

GUIDA 385mm x 3mm Slitting Line (Used) #4291

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  • In stock, containerized
  • Proposed: completely re-manufactured, with brand new electrics* (* < 1-year full warranty for these )

1) MATERIAL (Rm=500 N/mm2)

Max coil width: 360mm

Thickness min: .2mm

Max coil weight: 3ton

Coil ID: decoiler 300-400-500mm (<with spacers) / recoiler 300-400mm (< with interchangeable mandrel)




Manufacturer: GUIDA IMPIANTI (Italy)

Line speed: 0-100 m/min (1st gear) // 0-300 m/min (2nd gear)

Line direction: right to left

Voltage Supply: 380 V – 50 Hz

Total installed power: 95 kW

Air pressure required: minimum 6 bar

Work pressure-hydraulics: 100 bar




  • Hydraulic coil car (with floor pit)


  • Decoiler with hydraulic drum expansion

  --DC motor for dynamic braking and energy recovery: P=11kW at 2000rpm

--Stationary brake, pneumatic.


  • Mobile decoiler-base for material alignment.


  • Feeding unit consisting of:

    --Pinch-rolls (dia.: 250mm), polyurethane-covered, with DC motor: P=10kW at 2000rpm

    --Snubber roll, hydraulic

    --Bypass table to slitter head 

The unit is to feed thin gauge material to the slitter head, with tension adjustable down to zero (loop)


  • Material guide before slitter head 

  • Slitter head with mandrel dia.: 70 mm

  --Gauge adjustement by excentric gears.

  --Circular knife dia: min.130mm, max. 170mm

  --DC motor: 37kW

  --Stationary brake.

  --Locking rings, with grease pump: 300 bar


  • Scrap rewinder, single drum (scrap baler) 700mm x 500mm

   --AC motor driven


  • Deburring pinch rolls / tension pinch rolls -- double stand (2 steel rolls + 2 poliurethane-covered rolls)

  with DC motor + brake and bypass table


  • Braking car consisting of: 

    --Roller table with 2 separator rolls

   --Felt pad, hydraulically opening

    --Braking rolls, DC motor driven 

    --Deflector roll with encoder


  • Recoiler with hydraulic drum expansion, dia.: 310mm

  --Interchangeable mandrel for dia. 400mm

  --Mandrel width: 410mm

  --DC motor: 25kW, 650-2000rpm

--Stationary disk brake, pneumatic

   --Separator arm, automatically lifting

  --Pusher (coil ejection plate)


  • Turnstile, 1-arm type

   --Arm width: 440mm

   --With pusher to upender


  • Hydraulic power pack with: 

--3-phase electric motor.

--Pump, max pressure: 120 bar

--Oil-air chiller

--Standard accessories.


  • SLITTER TOOLING >> : approx. 150: knifes, rubber rings, spacers; all in poor condition


  • BRAND NEW Electrics:

--1 Electric cabinet, dimensions about: 3200mm x 600mm; with all necessary power and control equipment

including: PLC, Siemens -TIA portal for process control

--1 Operator main switchboard, dimensions about 1000mm x 600mm; including: touch screen, SIEMENS

touch 15” with graphic representation of the line

--On-board el. equipment with sensors, limit switches etc. -- connected to junction boxes, on board of each

line part. Profinet connections

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT with extra charges:

  • Upender (coil tilting unit), hydraulic

  • Roller table, motorized.


Line Technical Documentation


- Foundation drawing

- Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment drawings

- Electric equipment literature (drawings, cables-list, PLC software, manuals…)  

We offer the line "ready to be installed", with all on-board electric equipment (motors, sensors, limit switches,…) connected to boxes on each line part for an easy installation

All functions, electric-hydraulic-pneumatic, will be tested at our plant before delivery

Hydraulic and air valves on-board, supply: 24 V DC

Paint colors: Green, RAL 6011 and Yellow, RAL 1003; or other, at buyer's choice




Model385mm x 3mm Slitting Line (Used) #4291