F&P 1250x1.0mm Multi-Blanking Lines #3193

F&P 1250x1.0mm Multi-Blanking Lines #3193

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1250mm x 1mm Multi-Blanking Lines with 3ton or 5ton Decoiler at choice 0 - 25m / min adjustable feed speed, quickly and easily controlled by Touch Screen -- https://youtu.be/tuXCsqzHn1E < VIDEO 3 ( << click )

<< VIDEO 2 = including the NC Marking System option

<< VIDEO 3 = same line^ / all

-- “Stop/Start” Type

Complies with CE regulations

Capacity with alu., copper, galv., prepainted stock…: .5mm to max. 1mm thick material; - with stainless steel: .4mm to max. .7mm -- "Standard" Line Configuration:

-Powered Decoiler with Coil Car option, up to max. 5 t cap.

/ or, alt.: simple, low cost frame-type Undriven Decoiler/s -Adjustable entry guide with handwheel and trapezoidal screw -Three undriven entry rolls of tempered steel -- the top roll, 60mm dia. / the bottom rolls, 50mm dia. -Two rubber coated pinch rolls operated by a 3 HP geared motor

(able to pull the material from also undriven decoiler/s) - roll diameter: 110mm

Pneumatic cylinders with manually controlled electrovalves to lift upper pinch roll -Slitter Head with ground steel shafts -- shaft diameter: 100mm; circular knife O.D.: 150mm -- quick clamp (by screw) circular knives in special steel, with wear-compensation block -- metric rule for positioning of knives, and handwheel to lift these by means of synchronized jacks

-Three pairs of special steel circular knives (suitable for also stainless steel) are the "standard" slitter tooling, included in price.

Extra charge for more pairs^ (Automatic stopping of the line when the last part to be made is under the circular knives. From the control panel the warning is given, that knives must be lifted up; only once this is done the material is fed to shear.) -Guillotine Shear, hydraulic power type -- power pack motor: HP 2.0

-- angle of inclination of the cut: 1 degree, for a perfect and "flat" result

No Sheet Stackers are provided by us for this type of lines Numerical Control: SIPRO SIAX 80 Interface with the Touch Screen Control Panel, to enter the lengths and quantities of the sheets to be produced --Enter up to 20 different lengths; with unlimited quantity of parts per-length

Cutting accuracy + / - 1mm over a 3m sheet length

The electrical control panel rotates to operate the line from all positions Drive motor: HP 3.00 / 380 Volts 50 Hz --

Main Options available :

- Protective Film Applicator

- NC Marking Unit

^ Electronic scoring system, consisting of:

  • Aluminium linear guiding unit with recirculating ball runners inside; stroke: 1350mm
  • Reduction unit with limited backlash gears
  • 3 N/metre brushless motor with integrated encoder, complete with driving unit
  • Out-of-stroke (<>) magnetic safety microswitches
  • Pneumatic punching cylinder, dia.: 50mm, complete with cable chain

Penetration adjustment by pressure regulator

Base under punch made of oil-proof, cut-resistant black rubber

------ Unit program integrated into the machine operation cycle

Conical & non-conical punch programming for sheet "head" and "tail"

Punching accuracy: +/- .10mm (0,10mm)

Up to 20 engravings can be made




Model1250x1mm Multi-Blanking Lines #3193