(F&P) Our Quality Standards vs. Pricing Levels

(F&P) Our Quality Standards vs. Pricing Levels

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Either small or "important"... conventional or innovative... much conveniently or high priced... new or pre-owned... everything on this Website is: REAL QUALITY EQUIPMENT. No second choice / cheapish / "so-and-so" Products here. -- Machinery and equipment with prices ranking from ca. 1.000 to million Euros are shown on these pages. In fact, with several production sites located in Northern Italy and in few other Countries we get to manufacture at convenient costs also various small machine/line types. [At the different plants^ we, resp. have from from just 5 to max. ca. 80 employees; each plant with a separate financial administration. Our Vicenza-Thiene, Italy co-ordinates all Group activities, also ensuring the constancy of a uniform-general "standard of engineering" at all Divisions. For the WHOLE product range, excellent technical support is also provided to Customers: still under direct supervision of our central Vicenza office.] We do not compromise on quality and service: so when only price matters, we may be out of the game... and in this case we gladly give way to the many less scrupulous suppliers available in the market.


ModelOur Quality Standards vs. Pricing Levels