IMEAS Scotch-Briting Units (Used) #4364

IMEAS Scotch-Briting Units (Used) #4364

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3 are available ex-stock

  • a 4th HEAD (NEW, similar) can be added on same machine frame

ATR: high productivity top brushing heads

  • advanced high-frequency oscillation system, which ensures a very high level surface quality with bright and homogeneous look
  • reduced number of components, complete electronic management of working parameters, graphic interface
  • ideal for: interior architecture, household appliances, food industry products...

Reduced unit footprint (2200mm + 1100mm)

Easy Billy-Roll extraction and finishing brush replacement.

New software and graphic touch screen with management of recipes and working parameters.^

Computer-assisted tool positioning

Integrated Scotch-BriteTM roller grinding system

Constant height machining or constant absorption



-  Process material                                                   

  Stainless Steel

-  Series                                                                          :   

200-300-400 with surface finish 2B o BA

-  Process type                                                                  :   


-  Thickness range                                                          

.5mm ÷ 4.0mm

-  Useful tape or sheet widths                                          

300mm ÷ 1600mm

-  Feed speed                                                            

3 ÷ 50 m/min  

-  Direction                                                   

left to right (from operator side)

-  Diameters, ScotchBrite                                                               

210mm internal, 450mm external

-  Oscillation, ScotchBrite                                             

700 cycles/min, width: 0÷25mm

-  Machine opening                                                         


-  Main drive motor                                                                 

about 18kW

-  Machine weight (each module)                                      


-  Passline height


-  Compressed air consumption                                      

2 Nm3/h

-  Total air consumption                                                  

20.000 m3/h



VARIABLE SPEED A.C. MOTOR DRIVE   --  All three heads operating at variable speed with inverter controlled from operator panel

·  The counter roll ("Billy Roll") is tungstene carbide coated. It is in opposition to the working unit, and    driven through belts connected with the feeder system of rollers.
·  Lifting/lowering system of brushes by motor jacks
·  Brush grinding system positioned above the brush itself
·  Motorized roller way (lower rollers)
·  Each head is equipped with a double suction hood to be connected to dust extraction system
·  Electrical equipment with PLC, operator panel and inverter; complete with connection cables and 
  tele-service system for remote assistance
·  Pneumatic system on the machine for controlling the pneumatic actuators


The equipment has to be connected to a suction system, not included




ModelScotch-Briting Units (Used) #4364