F&P 6-15ton Powered Decoilers #3563

No longer available

F&P 6-15ton Powered Decoilers #3563


Quality equipment, well-priced and reliable; also available in customized versions, with paint colours to specification Models: 600mm / 800mm / 1000mm / 1250mm / 1500mm wide - suitable for a 8mm max. stock thickness (please see details in the Attachs. at the bottom of the page) -- 25m / minute* "standard" max. line speed --- loop; dancing arm or, optional: photo-cell etc. *17 drum rotations / minute at the a/m max. speed *speed up to 100m / minute, on demand. When hi-speed also: --- pull-thru operation mode, 'stop/start' mode 5.3 to 14.5 HP geared motor with inverter 2.0 to 3.0 HP hydraulic power pack hydraulic mandrel drum expansion -- options: 6/8 lateral-containment spokes (for narrow coils) hydraulic coil car air snubber arm with undriven roll hydraulic snubber arm with powered roll power translation of decoiler (+/- 200mm) mobile control panel mandrel drum expansion up to 630mm, for 8ton to 15ton decoilers -- main motors: by SIEMENS reduction units: by TRAMEC bearings: by SKF PLCs: by SIEMENS inverters: by SIEMENS -- our "std." paint colours: RAL 7035 light grey + RAL 1005 honey yellow (protection cases) + RAL 2030 (mobile parts incl. coil cars) custom paint colours on demand with no extra charge


Model6-15ton Powered Decoilers #3563