*** 3mm Flying Shear CTLLs, Re-Manufactured

*** 3mm Flying Shear CTLLs, Re-Manufactured

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For stainless steel and non-ferrous metals

With 6-Hi Levelers and other line key-parts in stock, pre-owned; offered fully-overhauled, and integrated by new parts made to order. Guaranteed.

For these lines proposals can be made only on the basis of precise information about the needs of the enquirer:

1. Type of Material(s)

2. Maximum Tensile Strength at What Material Thickness

3. Maximum Yield at Max. Material Thickness

4. Minimum / Maximum Coil Width

5. Coil Max. Weight

6. (for each Type of Material) Minimum Material Thickness

7. (for each Type of Material) Maximum Material Thickness

8. Minimum / Maximum Coil ID

9. Maximum Coil OD

10. Minimum / Maximum and “Common” Part Length

11. Sheet Length Tolerance

12. Maximum Sheet Stack Weight

13. Required Max. Line Speed

13.1 Wanted Accuracy

14. Leveller or Corrective Straightener? (Specify)

15. Coil Edge Trimmer? (yes or no)

16. Planned Annual Line Production

17. Voltage




Model3mm Flying Shear CTLLs, Re-Manufactured