(F&P) Looking for the "latest price" just here?

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(F&P) Looking for the "latest price" just here?


Wrong address ! We only propose GOOD machinery and equipment, all made in highly industrialized countries (mainly: in Italy, EU) where producing "quality" has its costs. On this Site you will find only a <== Q - U - A - L - I - F - I - E - D !! offer for new and pre-owned (often, fully re-manufactured) machines, lines and systems. No second choice stuff, nothing that cannot pass a thorough examination. We have first-rate project engineers, the best componentry available on the market is chosen for the new equipment we supply, the machine tools that we have in our works are from selected Brands, the quality checks are rigorous, the overhaul work is extremely accurate... our whole organization is capable of regularly guaranteeing results "as they have to be". All this^ is thanks to considerable investments that we have made and continue to make, for: research and development, personnel, means of production, customer assistance team etc. ... We guarantee a good standard of engineering, performance, prompt technical assistance for everything we sell; consequently we have to ask for (always reasonable but) necessarily "sensible" prices for the same. So we can hardly sell in certain Countries if not "important" used, especially hi-tech machinery: like process lines, panel benders and sheet metal FMSs... Of course ANY request for offer is welcome, but we wanted to warn of the above.


ModelLooking for the "latest price" just here?