WMW 2000x4-12mm 4-HI Leveler (Used) #3138


WMW 2000x4-12mm 4-HI Leveler (Used) #3138


Machine suitable for processing 4.0mm to 12.0mm material (Rm= 340 Mpa) Number of work rolls: 13 < roll diameter: 140mm / roll width: 2100mm Number of back-ups: 30 < diameter: 150mm / width: 300mm Tilt (entry/exit) motion: by electric motor Screwdown motion: by electric motor Gearbox ratio: 1 / 28,6 Main motor: DC, P = 75 kW, 1500 rpm It is installed on separate frame, connected through Powerbelt® pulleys and belt Machine Workspeed : 15m / minute Lubrication: by oil pump for the gearbox, grease pump on the bearings of work rolls Machine weight: 38 t For transportation, two 20’ containers are required -- Spare parts: complete set of gears, bushings and spindles for gearbox -- Machine dimensions: please see Attach. (at the bottom)



Model2000x4-12mm 4-HI Leveler (Used) #3138