F&P Deep Draw Presses, Stamping Trimmers... #3615

F&P Deep Draw Presses, Stamping Trimmers... #3615

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... for:

  • appliance components
  • automotive
  • gas bottle, fire extinguisher etc. ... shells
  • pots & pans



Custom press machines, blank destackers, press tool handling systems, trim/bead machines, "marbling" machines... are designed and built at our small Plant 24 (located in the Vicenza Province of Italy).

[For hydraulic deep draw presses of, resp. the double upright and the C-frame building types: some fairly 'typical' Models that we build are shown in the Table on the side (<). -- Please click on it to enlarge. ]

We supply these types of equipment particularly to manufacturers of the above products.


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ModelDeep Draw Presses, Stamping Trimmers... #3615