NOVASTILMEC+... 1530x3.5mm Slitting Line #3451

NOVASTILMEC+... 1530x3.5mm Slitting Line #3451

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Used Slitting Line with some NEW Parts


1530mm x .5mm-3.5mm (Tensile strength = 400 N/mm2)

> at 3.5mm: max.3 cuts 

> at 1.5mm (370 N/mm2): max. 13-14 cuts

Completely re-manufactured*; 6-month warranty for the overhauled mechanics & hydraulics:

  • proposed (Option 1) with no electrics...
  • or, alternatively (Option 2) with: Brand new electrics/electronics** and pneumatics**, & some hydraulics** with a 12-month full warranty for these all

[ * as of May, 2022 only a few "minor" parts of the line have yet to be overhauled. - Approximately two and a half months are required to complete the work ]

[ ** delivery time about 5 months, currently for Option 2 ^ ]

> Line Foundation Drawing: in the Attach., at the bottom of the Page

Line technical literature:

(English/italian language)

- CE declaration-manual of use and maintenance.

- Foundation drawing

- Pass-line drawing

- Hydraulic and pneumatic drawings

- Electrical documentation (drawings, cables list, PLC software).

General Line Information:

  • Materials: Hot/Cold Rolled, Pickled, Galvanized Steel
  • Coil Max. Weight: 15 Ton
  • Minimum Material Thickness: .5mm
  • Maximum Material Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil Width: 500mm-1530mm
  • Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil ID: 475mm-620mm with no need for spacers
  • Exit (Slit) Coil ID: 508mm
  • Maximum Coil OD: 1500mm
  • Minimum Slit Coil Width: 20mm
  • Line Max. Speed: 120m / min
  • Installed Power: ca. 180 kW
  • Line Direction: Left To Right
  • Minimum Air Pressure: 6 bar

Equipment List:

- Coil Car / "underground" type, with hydraulic motor.


- Decoiler: 

Weight capacity : 15 t

Hydraulic, large expansion mandrel (diameter range 475-620 mm).

Dc motor for material feeding and dynamic braking.

NEW Stationary brake, disk type.

Sliding movement on the base-frame for coil alignment.

 - Feeding unit


Snubber roll with hydraulic motor.

Rubber pinch-roll

Coil opener (peeler table).

Crop shear (guillotine), large opening, hydraulic.


- Centering unit

Movable backward to allow knives change on slitting head

Horizontal and vertical rolls.


- Slitter

Mandrel diam.: 160mm.

Knife diameter: 240-290mm.

Hydraulic opening side for knife changing.

Upside down movement by motor. -- Position displayed through linear potentiometer.

DC motor 50 kW

- Scrap conveyor and roller table


- Scrap rewinder, single drum (scrap baller)

(maker: Zappa-Italy)

Hydraulic motor.

Hydraulic power unit on board

Installed on a platform height about 1.500 mm (to discharge in scrap container) 

scrap coil dimension (diam.)  = 600x600 mm.


- Roller (round) table to loop NEW


Poliurethane coated rolls.


- By-pass table NEW


- Roller (round) table from loop NEW

With single separator shaft, new, side extraction.


- Felt tension pad, pneumatic


- Deflector roll NEW

 Fixed, diam. 350mm, balanced, with encoder, installed on a separate steel basement connected with felt press. 

Telescopic, feeding table.


- Recoiler

hydraulic expansion diam. 508mm, width 1750mm.

Separating arm and pusher.

DC motor 74 kW. Stationary disk brake.

Sliding movement on the base frame for coil alignment (in rewinding mode).


- Turnstile arm – two arms, idler.


- Hydraulics 

2 oil stations (power packs), with standard accessories


- Slitter Tooling:

 good set of knives (over 200) plus rubber disks, separator disks…

“as is”.




will consist of:

- N. 1 Electric cabinet -- dimension about 4800x600x2100mm, colour: RAL 7035, IP 54, standard accessories (fan, filter, lights, etc.).

Inside the cabinet, all necessary electric power and control devices, including PLC Siemens Simatic 1500-TIA portal for process control.

Profinet connections.


- N. 1 Operator main switchboard -- dimension about 800x600mm, colour: RAL 7035, IP 54, including a touch screen SIEMENS touch 13” with a graphic representation of the line.


-       N.1 Operator switchboard for coil charging and feeding operations.


The electric equipment will be designed for both modes of operation:

 1) strip tension

 2)  loop control.

  On-board electric devices connected to the boxes on board of each machine, for easy installation. 


> as per the last two photos

--                          Perimetral guards ^ around the line consisting of: 

                            About 40 m of mechanical fences

                            3-4 doors/gates

                            2 safety bars (“parking type) 

                            Safety electric lockers

                            Control Software (implemented in PLC- Safety CU)



Model1530x3.5mm Slitting Line #3451
Slitter tooling200 Circular Knives + Spacers etc.