NOVASTILMEC + ... 1530x3.5mm Slitting Line #3451


NOVASTILMEC + ... 1530x3.5mm Slitting Line #3451


Used Slitting Line with various NEW Parts

1530mm x .5mm-3.5mm* (*Tensile strength = 400 N/mm2)

> at 3.5mm: max.3 cuts ^

> at 1.5mm (370 N/mm2): max. 13-14 cuts

> Line Foundation Drawing: in the Attach., at the bottom of the Page

Line technical literature (look down):

in English/italian languages

- CE declaration-manual of use and maintenance.

- Foundation drawing

- Pass-line drawing

- Hydraulic and pneumatic drawings

- Electrical documentation (drawings, cables list, PLC software)



Various italian equipment builders


Process Materials:                 

Hot/cold rolled/galvanized steel (Rm=420 N/mm2)


Max coil width:        



Min/max material thickness: 

.5-3mm (Tensile strength = 400 N/mm2) ^


Coil weight max:      

15.000 kg


Coil I.D.:                    

475-620mm without spacers


Slit coils I.D.:         



Coil O.D.:



Line speed:               

adjustable up to 120m/min max.


Line direction:  

Left to Right


Total installed power:

180 kW approx..


Air pressure min:

6 bar                                                           



> The following description refers to the completely refurbished line, with a 6-month guarantee for the overhauled mechanical parts; plus new parts as specified, built by us. And equipped with brand new electrics, these with 12 months warranty.

SCOPE OF DUPPLY - DETAIL TABLE ^ in the 2nd Attach. at the bottom of the Page.

NOVASTILMEC Coil car underground type, with hydraulic motor.   



Weight capacity : 15 t

Hydraulic, large expansion mandrel (diameter range 475-620mm).

Dc motor for material feeding and dynamic braking.

NEW Stationary brake, disk type.

Sliding movement on the base frame for strip alignment.

Feeding unit


Snubber roll with hydraulic motor.

Rubber pinch-roll

Coil opener (peeler table).

Crop shear (guillotine), large opening, hydraulic.


Centering unit

Movable backward to allow knives change on slitting head

Horizontal and vertical rolls.


NOVASTILMEC Slitter head

Mandrel diam.: 160mm.

Knife diam.: 240-290mm.

Hydraulic opening side for knife changing.

Upside down movement by motor. Position displayed through linear potentiometer.

DC motor P= 50 kW

Knives and tools as in attachment.


Scrap conveyor and roller table (new)


Scrap rewinder single drum (scrap baller)

(maker: ZAPPA-Italy)

Hydraulic motor.

Hydraulic power unit on board

Installed on a platform height about 1.500mm (to discharge in scrap container) 

scrap coil dimension (diam.)  = 600x600mm.


Roller (round) table to loop


Poliurethane coated rolls (NEW)


By-pass table (NEW)

Hydraulic movement.


Roller (round) table from the loop (NEW)

With single separator shaft, new, side-extraction.

Felt pad, pneumatic


Deflector roll (NEW)

Fix, diam. 350 mm, balanced, with encoder, installed on a separate steel basement connected with felt press. 

Feeding table.



hydraulic expansion diam. 508mm, width 1.750mm.

Separating arm and pusher.

DC motor 74 kW. Stationary disk brake.

Sliding movement on the base frame for strip alignment (in rewinding mode).


Turnstile arm – two arms, idler.


Hydraulic equipment

n. 2 oil stations (POWER PACKS), with standard accessories


Slitter Tooling:

Rich set of knives (more than 200), plus rubber disks, separating disks,…

The tooling will be delivered “as is”.


NEW Electrics consisting of:

- N. 1 cabinet dimension about 4.800x600x2.100, colour RAL 7035, IP 54, standard accessories (fan, filter, lights, etc.).

Inside the cabinet will be installed all the necessary electrical power and control devices, including PLC Siemens Simatic 1500-TIA portal for process control.

Profinet connections.

- N. 1 Operator main switchboard dimension about 800 x 600 mm, colour RAL 7035, IP 54, including a touch screen SIEMENS touch 13” with a graphic representation of the line.

- N.1 Operator switchboard for coil charging and feeding.

The automation equipment will be designed for both modes of operation:

1) strip tension

2)  loop control.

On board electric devices connected to boxes on board of each machine, for easy installation.





The line will be delivered completely revamped in the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, ready to be installed. Blank test of each component at our works before delivery.

Installation and commissioning, including perimetral fences/guards.

Perimetral guards/fences

Perimetral guards around the line consisting of:

 About 40 m of mechanical fences.

N. 3-4 doors/gates

N. 2 safety bars (parking type). 

Safety electrical lockers.

Control Sw (implemented in PLC- Safety CU).


TECHNICAL LITERATURE (NEW) (only for the “revamped” option):

 (English/italian languages)

- CE declaration-manual of use and maintenance.

- Foundation drawing.

- Pass-line drawing (side view).

- Hydraulic and pneumatic drawings

- Electrical documentation (drawings, cables list, PLC software).





ManufacturerNOVASTILMEC + ...
Model1530x3.5mm Slitting Line #3451
Slitter tooling200 Circular Knives + Spacers etc.