F&P 40(+)m / min Trapez. Sheet Lines (New) #5060

F&P 40(+)m / min Trapez. Sheet Lines (New) #5060

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The lines can be complete with: fully automatic coil handling and threading equipment, material surface protection systems, bending/embossing/notching/punching/stamping... stations, PUR-PIR/rockwool/etc. injection/insertion equipment, product handling and packaging systems; and, possibly wanted special-purpose, "in-line" equipment.

Rafted or double-deck rollformers, flying or "multiple" press-shears, parts handling robots are available options when quick product-changeover, higher^ production rates, and/or minimum manning level are required.

From Northern Europe to specially Belgium, Russia and Eastern Europe, many production lines for roof and wall products are installed that we have designed and built. Since 2015, we mostly manufacture this equipment type at our Finland and Ukraine plants.


Model40(+)m / min Trapez. Sheet Lines (New) #5060