F&P or other - Slitting Lines #3977

F&P or other - Slitting Lines #3977

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With sufficiently detailed information on your part, it will probably be possible for us to offer you equipment suited to your needs.

We need to know the following:

  • the type/s of Material
  • the maximum Tensile Strength (at a specific Material Thickness)
  • the maximum Yield at max. Material Thickness
  • the Entry & Exit Coil Max. Weight
  • the Minimum Material Thickness
  • the Maximum Material Thickness
  • the Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil Width
  • the Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil ID
  • the Minimum / Maximum Exit Coil ID
  • the Maximum Entry Coil OD
  • the Maximum Exit Coil OD
  • the Minimum Slit Width
  • the Max. Number of Cuts Required at What Thickness
  • the required Max. Speed
  • any Quick Tool Change Type Required? or: auto. programmable Slitting Heads, Separators? (up to a max. 3mm thickness)
  • Entry Crop Shear Required?
  • Exit Crop Shear Required?
  • Corrective Straightener Required?
  • want: Scrap Baler? Choppers? Winders? (Specify)
  • what is your budget?

This latter information ^ is also of the utmost importance.

We only supply quality equipment built in Europe or North America.

If good "Western" standards of engineering are not your reference, it makes no sense that we make proposals to you... which will then be compared with those of suppliers from certain other Countries: and we thank you, in this case, for NOT asking us for proposals.

Instead, to make you all the proposals you want for good machinery we are always at your disposal.



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Model- Slitting Lines #3977