F&P Ex. of an Auto. Stamping Line (New) #3978

F&P Ex. of an Auto. Stamping Line (New) #3978

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In this Line, that makes steel lids:

  • from a sheet stack, the destacker picks up a single sheet and moves it to a two-step feeder
  • the feeder loads sheet into the press
  • an ejector picks up the produced stamping from the press and transfers it to a conveyor. From the conveyor, a stacking system picks up two stampings parts at once and places them on a pallet
  • The scraps are ejected from the press (into a basket) before a new blank is fed.

Blank dimensions: minimum 600mm x1000mm - maximum 650mm x 1300mm

Blank thickness: minimum .5 mm - maximum 1.0mm

Blank weight: min 2 kg - max 6,5 kg

Maximum stack height: 350mm

Maximum stack weight: 2000kg

Production: up to 600 parts/hour



ModelEx. of an Auto. Stamping Line (New) #3978