IMAL 1500x2mm Multi-Blanking Line #3992


IMAL 1500x2mm Multi-Blanking Line #3992


  • Coil width 100-1500mm
  • Material thickness max. 2mm (up to 420N/mm2)
  • 7ton decoiler & coil car
  • Maximum number of cuts by the slitter head: 4 cuts up to a 2mm material thickness, 8 up to 1.5mm, 10 up to .6mm
  • Line speed max. 20m / minute
  • Cut Lenght Accuracy +/- .5mm
  • installed power 38kW


-- Powered Decoiler ^ with hydraullic snubber arm and powered rubber-coated roll. Hydraulic drum expansion, 470mm to 510mm

-- Coil Car ^ (undriven coil rotation) -- 4m / minute travel speed, 200mm travel

-- PVC Film Applicator

-- Dia. 125mm Pinch Rolls, Material Entry Guides

-- NO-STOP Straightener with 13 chromium-plated and ground, dia. 50mm work rolls 6 above undriven + 7 below powered; and 7 + 8 upper/lower back-up rolls. Working with controlled material-loop (no floor pit is required; undriven rolls support the material). The penetration of rolls at entry and resp. at exit is independently adjustable

-- Exit Deflector Roll, for "final" adjustment

-- 2nd Material-Feeding Unit with: undriven quadrant rolls, two dia. 140mm Pinch Rolls --the upper roll pneumatically controlled, with adjustable clamping force

-- Slitter Head tooled with 8 pairs of circular knives and pull-rings, manually locked on shafts

-- Mechanical Guillotine Shear with manual blade gap adjustment



Model1500x2mm Multi-Blanking Line #3992