F&P Air Filter Pad & Frame Machinery #3994

F&P Air Filter Pad & Frame Machinery #3994

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3994-A > ca. 6 parts/minute (with 592mm x 592mm 'standard' frames)

Filter Frame Line Types:

( ^ typically, 45mm to 50mm high )






( for all the above ^ please see the first Attachment below, at the end of the page ) :


A standardized range of equipment able to satisfy the different needs of a vast clientele.

For example, a COMBO Type line for 24-47-97mm base filter frames comes with the following:

  • 1.5ton powered decoiler
  • 8 station rollformer, 0-30m / minute, with material entry guide and lubrication system
  • combinable notch, section "head & tail" and cutoff/bend tooling for the three a/m product dimensions
  • roll tooling and spacers for the three a/m product dimensions
  • 3m tilting off-load table
  • hydraulic power pack, electrics etc.

and for its installation and commissioning just 1-2 days are required.

It costs less than you imagine.

3994-B > ca. 10m / minute (with 592mm x 592mm 'standard' frames)

Mesh Corrugator System

  • please enlarge the last image above

The equipment consists of:

  • reel holder
  • 800mm wide roll corrugator complete with roll tooling for one profile, w. 11 waves on a 600mm width. Machine with adjustable center distance, powered forming rolls with programmable controller and replaceable
  • 800mm wide air operated cutoff shear, fixed to the corrugator frame. Guillotine-type cut with blade & counterblade
  • 1500mm long product-exit table
  • safety guarding to CE (Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE)

Direction normally left to right

Paint Colours normally RAL 7035, the guarding RAL 2004



ModelAir Filter Pad & Frame Machinery #3994