All used coil processing, tube and roll form equipment equipment and the levelers we offer can be supplied re-manufactured and upgraded (when possible) to Customer’s specifications. Our Team can handle most requirements servicing buyers “from start to finish”.

We can design and build any new line components to replace or integrate existing equipment, like: coil cars, coil end joiners, coil upenders/downenders, crop shears, decoilers/recoilers, edge guides, electrical panels, feed units, flying shears and rotary shears, levellers, packaging systems, pit bridge tables, presses, punching and bending systems, scrap discharge & handling systems, sheet stackers, slitters, strip accumulators, tension stands, turnstiles ... 

(In North America most technical services are provided by our local Associates, who also can build any line components to order.)  

We offer an effective solution for extending the service life of your equipment; we are available to cover a single piece of equipment or more complete lines at a time: 

  • rebuilding to the original capability 
  • retrofitting to meet new or higher standards, add capabilities... 
  • re-engineering to find remedies for a machine/line’s deficiencies
  • etc

With our engineering department, well equipped workshops and excellent field service people we really are in a position to provide a "turn-key service".