F&P Coil Fed Laser Cutter "2030-10 Compact" #4213

F&P Coil Fed Laser Cutter "2030-10 Compact" #4213

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Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine Compact 2030

for the Insulation Cladding & HVAC Industries

1020mm x 1mm

(1mm Fe37, .8mm Stainless)


17m / minute

Very useful in small shops.

Compact footprint, laser power 1 kW, low price; optional: 2 kW fiber laser resonator.

The straightener is built-in: no loop is required.

Autodesk CAMDuct or EUROSOFT software.

Special software by us.

-- for developing, nesting and programming; with extensive database of standardized-products.

  • The machine can cut: mild steel, galv. steel, aluzinc, stainless steel, stucco, plastisol, aluminium, copper... etc.
  • Cutting speed up to 15m/min, with accuracy: +/- .2mm (including holes).
  • Any shapes that can be drawn, can be cut.
  • Low cost for consumables, as there is no contact with the material during the cutting operations.
  • Few maintenance and an acceptable energy consumption with the IPG fiber laser, one of the best.
  • Optimal nesting.
  • The produced parts remain attached by tiny micro joints, and can then be separated easily.
  • Low noise level when the machine is in operation.
  • The sheet is constantly kept by pneumatic clamps which move it backwards and forwards on a linear drive with the spindle. This results in a high positioning accuracy and reduces sheet crash.
  • Easy-to-operate machine.
  • Where it is common to cut using nitrogen we have excellent experience with compressed air, easier to use and obviously more economical and environmentally-friendly.
  • Working width: 1020mm.
  • With the optional equipment, Customized versions
  • Power consumption: 3,2 kW (laser) + 1,75 kW (servo motors) + 7,0 kW chiller

Other Technical Data

  • 1000kg unpowered decoiler, "stand" type
  • Standard runout table: 2000mm
  • Max. sheet thickness: Steel and Aluminium 1mm, Stainless Steel .8mm
  • Max. coil weight: 1000kg
  • Machine Dimensions: 5.9m x 1.8m x 1.9 m (< L x W x H) -- excluding: heat exchanger, exhaust system and compressor
  • Multiple decoilers option available

Additionals / Optional:

Manual decoiler 1,0 ton x 1000mm, ASF type with overhung drum

Coil Carrier 1000 kg x 1 mtr type 4902-60

Extractor with automatic cleaned filters, Ca. 1800 m3/uur incl. spark shield

and noise damper

Laser power 2 kW (standard = 1 kW)

Air compressor screw type, Tank and air dryer

CAD / CAM software:

Eurosoft Cutexpert stand-alone license

 Perfect nesting and programming options

 Complete library for square and round ducting

 Improved Insulation library supplied by Jörg

 Postprocessor for Jörg Coil Laser.


Autodesk Camduct perpetual license

On line training or in our house junior consultant per day

Tube program for cutting tube developments and or blanks:

 Using the full sheet width 1000 or 1250 or 1500 mm

 With or without fixing holes

 Number of holes is adjustable

 Diameter of the holes is adjustable

 Supplements and the distance of hole to the end of the tube is adjustable

 Fixing holes can be cut conical

To be arranged by customer:

 PC or laptop (Windows) for installing CAD / CAM

 Compressor incl. drier cap. Ca. 650 l/min, pressure between 8 -10 bar

 Flat concrete floor

 Power supply 400V- 50/60 Hz with more connections

 The ducting material and assembling of the extractor.

 Internet connection to the laptop and machine for online assist.


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