F&P Coil Fed Laser Cutter "2030-10 Compact" #4213

F&P Coil Fed Laser Cutter "2030-10 Compact" #4213

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Technical data:



2030-10 Compact

Laser power                                      

1kW / option: 2kW

Max. cutting or moving speed          

17 m/min

Material max. width                  


Max. material thickness                        

1.5mm (St, Stainless, Alu)

Max. coil weight                                

1000 kg

Power consumption                        

3.2kW (laser) + 1.75kW (servo motors) + 7.0kW chiller

  • 1kW, optionally 2kW compact ("small-footprint") fiber laser cutter. The straightener is enbloc with the cutting unit, which saves a lot of space.
  • The machine is fed from a single decoiler as it is shown in the pictures; or, it is also possible to work with 2 or 3 decoilers placed behind each other.
  • A 4-roll straightener is at entrance of the laser. All rolls rubberized, to avoid marks on the material.
  • The machine works with a small and also compact, not expensive laser source: IPG type YLR.
  • Stable cutting head by Precitec with manual adjustment of focal height.
  • Smooth and accurate cutting of Aluminum, Stainless steel, Stucco, Aluzink, Steel etc. -- For materials with a protective foil, or coated, we recommend the optional 2 kW laser power for better performance and quality.
  • Cutting speed: up to 17 m/min. Accuracy: +/- .2 mm, also for holes.
  • "Any shapes that can be drawn, can also be cut with the machine".
  • Limited wear and maintenance on the machine, because of contactless cutting.
  • Limited energy consumption with the IPG fiber laser.
  • Limited material waste -- because of optimal nesting and programming with variable lengths direct from coil.
  • The products are kept fixed to each other with (very small) micro-joints, easy to detach, which can be adjusted on the machine very easily.
  • Limited noise when this machine is running.
  • Because the material is held by pneumatic clamps and moved by a spindle, the movements are very accurate and reproducible. Low risk for breakage of the material.
  • Easy to operate machine.
  • Normally a laser cuts with N2 gas. But we have very good experience with compressed air coming from a normal compressor with cool drier. Only a booster is recommended, for proper pressure. (This saves a lot of costs.)
  • Coil width: up to 1020mm.
  • Best scrap saving calculated with Eurosoft (below) or Camduct softwares
  • The machine can work with various programming softwares; only a postprocessor should be available to allow you to do so. However:

 Advantages of Eurosoft Cutexpert

  • Complete library with parts and fittings for insulating sheet metal jacketing and air ducting.
  • Runs on a Windows PC, offline from the machine; allowing a high occupancy rate.
  • A library with preference-parts can be can made by the operator himself.
  • Standard parts can be stored in any default, just to minimize the programming time.
  • Supplements for seams and connectors can be programmed and stored in infinite numbers, with or without fixing-holes and notches.
  • Input of data and measurements is quick and uncluttered, with clear 3D views of the parts.
  • Developments can be quickly monitored and even changed before accepting
  • Different parts can be combined
  • Automatic or manual dividing of those developments, which are too big to be cut in one piece.
  • 2D Drawing module
  • DXF and DWG import and export
  • Automatic and manual nesting
  • Lists in clear can be printed to organize production
  • Cost-calculation modules
  • Project administration
  • With the program you can also write programs for other cutting machines (plasma or laser type).

Our "standard" proposal includes:

  • Machine with control, servo drives and standard cutting head
  • IPG Laser Type YLR 1000 ^
  • Chiller for the laser     
  • Booster for increasing air pressure to max 15 bar
  • Roll-off table, 2m long                

EUROSOFT Cutexpert ^                                                                              

  • Perfect nesting and programming options
  • Complete library for square and round ducting
  • Improved Insulation library supplied by Jörg
  • Postprocessor for our Coil Laser

Autodesk Camduct yearly license                                                     

On Site Training / Installation / Junior Consultant, per day              

·        Excluding travelling and hotel costs

Installation and instruction 3 days on site 

(A 2-day free software-training in our office for max 2 people, for programming, is included in the machine price)

The Options:

Manual decoiler/s - 1ton x 1000mm              


Extractor with automatically cleaned filters, ca. 2000 m3/hour incl. spark shield        

Fitting for extractor 


Noise damper for extractor    


Laser power 2 kW (standard = 1 kW ^)    


Air compressor with screw, tank and air dryer                                                 

Our Tube Program for cutting tube developments:                          

  • Using the full material width
  • With or without fixing holes
  • Number of holes adjustable
  • Diameter of holes adjustable
  • Supplements and the distance of hole to tube end adjustable
  • Fixing-holes can be cut conical


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