F&P 320 2A 2-Hi Pinion Stand - Gearbox #4245

F&P 320 2A 2-Hi Pinion Stand - Gearbox #4245

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Custom Designed / Build To Order

To reduce speed and dub motion, in order to have the rolling cylinders rotate contemporaneously: "two in one".

Two exit pinions


Oversized unit, all components thermally treated.

> Cylindrical gears with helical toothing; last-generation bearings; very efficient lubrication system; maximum energetic efficiency


Distance Between exit pinions:                    

320 mm


Power rating:                                                

500 kW


Gear ratio:                                                    

1st GPR with i = 9,866                        

2nd GPR with i = 6,648



Model320 2A 2-Hi Pinion Stand - Gearbox #4245