F&P € 150.-450.000 Slitting Lines (New) #3519

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F&P € 150.-450.000 Slitting Lines (New) #3519


"Nice Price" Excellent-Quality Coil To Coil Slitting Lines up to 1500mm x 2mm capacity for: Aluminium, Copper, Galv., Prepainted Materials, Titan Zinc... --- For a quotation please specify the requirements: 01. Type of Material(s) 02. Maximum Tensile Strength at what Material Thickness 03. Maximum Yield at Max. Material Thickness 04. Coil Max. Weight at Entry and, resp. at Exit 05. Minimum Material Thickness 06. Maximum Material Thickness 07. Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil Width 08. Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil ID 09. Minimum / Maximum Exit Coil ID 10. Maximum Entry Coil OD 11. Maximum Exit Coil OD 12. Minimum Slit Width 13. Max. Number of Cuts Required at What Thickness 14. Required Max. Line Speed 15. Are Quick Tool Change Systems Required or Programmable Slitting Heads, Separators? 16. Entry Crop Shear: Yes or No 17. Exit Crop Shear: Yes or No --- Configuration of a "typical" 1500mm x 2mm, 50m / min slitting line PRICED WITHIN € 350.000 -- still: WITH 5 AUTOMATED CNC-PROGRAMMABLE SLITTING HEADS! : 5 T powered decoiler with snubber roll and 5 T recoiler 5 T coil off-loading car pinch rolls, hydraulic crop shear slitting heads^ strip tension pad hydraulic loop tables, separator arms


Model€ 150.-450.000 Slitting Lines (New) #3519