F&P FDR-S Versionable "Module" (New) #3527

F&P FDR-S Versionable "Module" (New) #3527

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... in the 2-Axis (X/Z) "basic" configuration: loader/unloader ... with a 3rd Axis (Z1): press-to-press transfer unit ... 4th Axis option: to orient the blanks/parts

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-- Its key-features: - Bosch Rexroth Axis Control - Freely programmable brushless motors for all axes - Electronic synchronization with mechanical power presses - Customized, quick change blank/part-clamping equipment

-- Max load capacity: 30kg


  • Full Product Details in 3rd Attach. (at the bottom)

  • Quick-Datasheet in the 3527.1 Attach.

  • Questionnaire in the 3527.2 Attach.

-- Of course the FDR-S can be used in conjunction with single/dual bar transfer feeds or shuttles from the market



< Images in the second row:

Module with 2 axes, X and Z, in configuration: single bar transfer system

The two FDR-S units have, as their only mutual mechanical-constraint, that of operating the same bar on which the gripping members are mounted. Each unit has a motor for the movement of the vertical axis (Z); the axis control system that oversees the management of the entire line, manages its command in electric shaft or shaftless mode, guaranteeing high dynamics and performance.

The horizontal feed axis (X), depending on the performance in terms of weight and cadence, can be configured to have two motors that act in thrust on the same bar.

The stroke of the axes is freely programmable, and the end-of-cycle position is configurable, so that during the molding operation the gripping elements are located not only between the molds but also below the transport level.

In "standard" configuration the axis strokes are: 500mm for the vertical axis and 1250mm for the horizontal axis.

< Images in the third and fourth row:

Equipment for complete automation of a blank-fed stamping line, as follows

  • FDR-S "Destacker" with double storage for two stacks of blanks;
  • Blank transfer line, with rolls or belt conveyors; complete with blank lubrication and centering units;
  • FDR-S "Feeder", which transfers the blank from centering station to first press;
  • FDR-S "Press-To-Press Transfer", moving the semi-finished products from a press to another (-on one axis, with the 'standard' horizontal stroke extended to 4m);
  • FDR-S "Off-Loader", transferring the stamping to next process ( > often: a belt conveyor, on which quality control is performed ).



ModelFDR-S Versionable "Module" (New) #3527