F&P 1mm Mini- CTL Lines (New) #3192

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F&P 1mm Mini- CTL Lines (New) #3192


1250mm (1000mm on demand) x .5mm to 1.0mm - M.S., Alu., Copper, Galv. Steel, Prepainted Materials, Titan-Zink... 25m / min with powered decoiler - Stop/Start Type Lines -- Low-priced lines with powered or, alt. undriven decoiler up to 5ton capacity Coming with no sheet stacker -- Line description: Adjustable entry guide by handwheel Three idle rolls - upper roll 60mm dia. / lower rolls 50mm dia. Two rubber coated, driven pinch rolls - diameter: 110mm Pneumatic cylinders with manual control, to lift pinch rolls Guillotine Shear, of rigid construction, hydraulic - power pack motor: HP 2.0 Feed speed adjustable from 0 to 25 meters per minute, controlled by touch screen Numerical control SIPRO SIAX 80. - Interfaced with a "touch screen" control panel Enter up to 20 different lengths Cutting accuracy +/- 1mm over 3 meters Electrical control panel rotates to control the machine from all positions Main drive motor: HP 3.00 / 380 Volts 50 Hz Options: --protective film dispenser --coil loading car (for powered decoiler) -- Complies with CE regulations -- 1250mm line dimensions: 1600mm x 950mm x 1400mm in height + the dims. of decoiler as wanted


Model1mm Mini- CTL Lines (New) #3192