F&P Mfg. Systems for Accessories #4158.1

F&P Mfg. Systems for Accessories #4158.1

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We design and build automatic manufacturing systems for: downspout elbows, inner & outer gutter corners, outlet collars, brackets etc.; make all tooling, too ... -- https://youtu.be/VfmcMwuYZPw < Sample-VIDEO ( << click )

Information necessary to receive offers from us:


a) Iron Hook  Yes/No

b) Steel sheet Hook  Yes/No

c) Gutter Joint Piece  Yes/No

d) Gutter End Cap  Yes/No

e) Gutter Inner & Outer Corner Yes/No

f)  Gutter Outlet Collar   Yes/No

g) Conventional Bent Tube (Elbow) Yes/No

h) Side Seamed Bent Tube (Elbow) Yes/No

i) Downpipe Wall Holder  Yes/No

j) Other => specify            

k) Power Supply      Voltage:                   Frequency:    

l) Budget

l) Any other relevant information

  • materials to be used
  • tensile strength min/max
  • yield strength min/max
  • sheet thickness min/max




ModelMfg. Systems for Accessories #4158.1