F&P Leveler Questionnaire #3282

F&P Leveler Questionnaire #3282

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Leveler Questionnaire -- To quote for a Leveler we require this information: 1. Type of Material(s) 2. Material surface description (dry, oiled, polished...) 3. Tensile Strength (N/mm²) 4. Yield Strength (N/mm²) 5. Elongation (%) 6. Material Width Min./Max. 7. (for each type of Material) Minimum Material Thickness 8. (for each type of material) Maximum Material Thickness 9. Sheets or Coils to level, or both? 10. If the leveller is to be included in a line: please provide a technical description, photos, dimensions of the line 11. Electrics wanted? < 9.1 If they are: specify Voltage 12. Main drive motor wanted? < 10.1 If it is: specify Voltage, and operating mode & wanted max. speed for the Leveller 13. In any cases, please specify the operating mode & speed 14. Wanted Options: Roll cassette? Quick calibration, back-up removal? Cleaning system? ... (Please specify all) 15. BUDGET Please also advise: - Workshop conditions > min./max. temperature & humidity-% - How many working days per year, shifts / working hours per day -- Levellers help solving coil set, crossbow, center-buckle and wavy edge problems. By selectively bending portions of the leveller work rolls through the adjustable back-up rolls, the material fibers get properly stretched in the "critical" areas. In the 6-HI configuration full-width intermediate rolls are mounted between the work rolls and the back-up rolls, to help distributing the pressure of the latter across the surface of work rolls. This setup is used for surface-critical materials: like i.g. aluminum, polished stainless, pre-painted... Versatile, efficient and easy to operate our Levellers deliver "premium-quality" products.



ModelLeveler Questionnaire #3282