F&P Curling Machines (New) #5020.1

F&P Curling Machines (New) #5020.1

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For pre-forming metal gutters to DIN 18461 ( > "local" & custom versions on demand ) - hand- or automatically strip- fed - one or two curl diameter versions

-- https://youtu.be/q5g-gvej4Po - VIDEO ( ^ click ) -- Over 250 built; make top quality parts

In your requests for quotations, please specify:

a)  Type of process material/s

b)  Tensile strength min/max

c)  Yield strength min/max

d)  Material thickness min/max

e)  Type & size of gutter/s (dimensioned drawings if not gutters to DIN Standards)

 f)  Gutter length min/max

g) Required production speed

h) Blank or coil fed equipment wanted?



ModelCurling Machines (New) #5020.1