F&P Gutter+Downpipe "Combo" Lines (New) #4159.1

F&P Gutter+Downpipe "Combo" Lines (New) #4159.1

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New "Combo" Gutter & Downpipe Lines with rafted rollformer (ALSO AVAILABLE IN ROBOTIC VERSION.) The materials: ◦ Galvanised and colour coated, with coatings such as Plastisol or Pural ◦ Thickness .55–.60mm ◦ Steel grade DX51D+Z or DX52D+Z The products: minimum length 500mm; maximum length 6000mm Equipment list: A) HYDRAULIC DECOILER - Cap.: 3 Tonne B) BASE-FRAME OF THE ROLLFORMING MACHINE C) CASSETTES (RAFTS) WITH ROLL TOOLING FOR GUTTER - ex.: 125mm D) CASSETTES (RAFTS) WITH ROLL TOOLING FOR DOWNPIPE - ex.: 87mm E) PIPE END REDUCTION PRESS F) ROLL TABLE - 5m long G) (AUTOMATION^ option) H) (CONVEYOR option) I) (PLASTIC option) J) (CONVEYOR option) K) (AUTOMATIC STACKING WITH ROBOT -- option) L) OPERATION EQUIPMENT STD. POWER SUPPLY: 380 V, Frequency 50 Hz STD. EQUIPMENT PAINT COLOURS (Machine Frames): Blue RAL 5015 The roll forming speed is adjustable, 0 - 30m / min by means of a frequency converter; the actual production speed depends on the profile length


ModelGutter+Downpipe "Combo" Lines (New) #4159.1
Reference number4159