(F&P) In a nutshell, who we are and what we offer

(F&P) In a nutshell, who we are and what we offer

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::: Either new or pre-owned... built by ourselves or, by other manufacturers... on this Website you will only find: Q U A L I T Y --- R E L I A B L E --- C H O S E N equipment You can contact us with confidence if you need good machinery: we are able to provide adequate guarantees, customer references, evidence of our competence When we propose used equipment, this has been designed and built by manufacturers such as: FIMI, GUIDA, MINO, RED BUD, SACMA, SALVAGNINI, UNGERER... ...we only offer Products by first class Companies. And when it comes to new machinery and equipment, we also aspire to a high quality level as a rule (even for the simplest Products in our range) We are familiar with the Products of many 'important' coil and sheet metal equipment builders in the "Western" World and we have ourselves advanced technology and good manufacturing facilities Our project, sales and service engineers come of Companies like Finn-Power, Salvagnini and Wiedemann. We have specialists for: automation, coil and strip processing, punching & bending, laser cutting, roll forming and stamping... Dr. Alex Floreani -born 1951- has, in particular been an associate of Hahn & Kolb Italy* (*Wiedemann Products Division) and then of outstanding coil and sheet metal equipment builders and distributors in Italy and the U.S.


ModelIn a nutshell, who we are and what we offer