F&P Slit Coil Packaging Line Questionnaire #3305

F&P Slit Coil Packaging Line Questionnaire #3305

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For quotations of new Slit Coil Packaging Systems we require this information: 1. Type of Material(s) 2. Slitting Line Maximum Speed 3. Slitting Line Passline Height 4. How Many Off-Load Stations Wanted 5. Minimum / Maximum Coil OD 6. Maximum Slit Coil Width & Max. Wanted Stack Height 7. Maximum Slit Coil weight 8. Minimum / Maximum Coil ID 9. Available Floorspace (x/y) & Height Above Floor 10. Any Possibly Wanted Options - like: pallet loaders, wooden spacer placers, stretch film wrap & top-"hood" application systems, labelling machines, weighing cells... Thank you.



ModelSlit Coil Packaging Line Questionnaire #3305