F&P "Basic" CTL & Multi-Blanking Lines (New) #3578

F&P "Basic" CTL & Multi-Blanking Lines (New) #3578

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Reasonably priced, "unpretentious" Cut To Length Lines with capacity up to 1500mm wide and 5mm material thickness: we can propose. > Types: Stop/Start, Roll Feeder, Flying Shear & Rotary Shear. Speed: up to 100m / minute with max. 3mm thickness and, up to 50m / minute with 4mm & 5mm thickness -- Sample-descriptions for lines of this "Class", in the Attachments (at the bottom) -- Links: a) Decoilers and coil cars, 3ton to 15ton capacity - https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/454321-3-4-5ton-series-ml-powered-decoilers-cars-3577 - https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/403919-6ton-to-15ton-powered-decoilers-coil-cars-3563 b) Straighteners, servo feeders and "compact" straighteners-feeders - https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/447606-series-rm-powered-straighteners-new-3572 - https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/451344-series-ae-servo-feeds-new-3575 - https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/453716-ram-electronic-straightener-feeders-3572-1 c) Roller Levelers - https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/386214-roller-levelers-new-3561 d) Sheet Stackers, Sheet Packaging Systems - https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/466130-sheet-handling-packaging-systems-new-3579


Model"Basic" CTL & Multi-Blanking Lines (New) #3578