F&P + Other 1620x2mm (Simple) Slitting Lines #4905

F&P + Other 1620x2mm (Simple) Slitting Lines #4905

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Line speed max. 120m / minute

Minimum material thickness .4mm

Line composition:

  • 12ton coil loading car with floor pit -- vert. stroke: 600mm

  • 12ton powered self-centering decoiler, material entry table & pinch rolls -- with rev. hydraulic motor, also to brake.

Horizontal shift: 200mm. 490mm to 620mm coil ID; max coil OD: 1600mm

  • 15kW hydraulic power pack for both the above ^

  • Plastic protection film applicator

  • Slitter -- shaft dia. 180mm. Drive motor: 80kW A.C.

Max. 20 cuts at 1mm material thickness, 15 cuts at 1.5mm, 10 cuts at 2mm

  • Scrap baler -- 10kW

  • Felt tension pad, hydraulically operated. Burr planishing rolls

  • 12ton recoiler -- 500mm to 515mm coil ID. Drive motor: 120kW A.C.

  • 12ton coil off-loading car with floor pit

  • 4 arm turnstile



ManufacturerF&P + Other
Model1620x2mm (Simple) Slitting Lines #4905