F&P Well Priced 2100x12mm CTL Lines (New) #4910

F&P Well Priced 2100x12mm CTL Lines (New) #4910

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Ref.: 11840-23/SR REV.1

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This is a 20m / minute well priced flying shear type cut to length line that we build.

Workable material thicknesses: 6--12mm with a single leveler, 1.5--12mm with two levelers. 30ton decoiler. 20m / minute workspeed.

It is a "basic" line, for which we can quickly make you a proposal if its characteristics are right for you.

Process Material:                                                                  

Hot Rolled Steel - Steel grade: Q235, 12Mn

Tensile strength max 590 N/mm2

Yield strength max 460 N/mm2

Max elongation 20%


Material Thickness:                                                              




Weight max 30.000kg


Internal diameter 500-840mm 

External diameter max 2.000mm


500--6.000mm long x 500--2100mm wide sheets, in max. 10.000kg stacks

Line workspeed:

3 to 20m / minute

(Introduction speed:

0 to 5m / minute)

Equipment list:


  1. Coil storage


  2. Hydraulic coil car, floor pit type


  3. Anti-coilbreak self-centering decoiler, "stepped" type


  4. Hold-down with threading table, incorporated straightener and crop shear.


  5. Trimming unit + scrap baler (optional)


  6.  4-HI 11-Roll Leveler (6-12mm)


  7. Flying shear, with sheet run-out belt conveyor and pinch roll


  8. Product-inspection conveyor, 4.500mm


  9. Run-out pinch roll


10.  Stacker with rolls - Length: 6.000 mm.


11. Exit run-out table + weighing machine

Other options:


a)    Brushing machine


b)    4-HI 19-Roll Leveler (1.5-6mm)


"Standard" electrics, hydraulics and pneumatics:

Three-phase tension                                             

380 V  50 Hz 


Auxiliary tension                                                     

110 V  50 Hz 


Electro-valves tension                                             

24 V  50 Hz 



Hydraulic power pack

Pressure of nominal operation 100 to 105 bars



Pressure of nominal operation 6 bars



ModelWell Priced 2100x12mm CTL Lines (New) #4910