F&P 7.0mm MAXI Type Folders #4938

F&P 7.0mm MAXI Type Folders #4938

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1520mm x 7.00mm

2020mm x 6.00mm

2520mm x 5.00mm

3020mm x 4.00mm

4020mm x 3.00mm

4520mm x 2.00mm

(R= 400N/mm2)

The load-bearing parts of the machine are of massive welded steel construction which, coupled with powerful motors, provides the required performance parameters. A pair of trapezoidal screws drives the clamping beam, which leads out the required pressure force for the massive machine table. The folding beam has also a dual drive, which eliminates twisting especially during longer work

See Attachs. MAXI and Summary at the bottom

See #4936 for general information on the range

The main advantages of these quality, well-priced machines:

  • fast workcycle, short setup time
  • very accurate bends obtained
  • as the blank is placed on machine back gauge, a single operator can easily handle even largely-sized parts
  • no need for a lot of purposely-designed tooling


Model7.0mm MAXI Type Folders #4938