F&P 8.0mm MAXI PLUS Type Folders #4939

F&P 8.0mm MAXI PLUS Type Folders #4939

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2020mm x 8.00mm

2520mm x 7.00mm

3020mm x 6.00mm

4020mm x 4.00mm

4520mm x 3.00mm

5020mm x 2.00mm

(R= 400N/mm2)

The most powerful machine of its category available on the market: a reinforced version of the MAXI, the MAXI PLUS allows to increase the capacity of folding up to an 8mm material thickness. High clamping force is provided by a pair of trapezoidal screws; the dual drive of the folding beam, quality tools (strength 2 up to 1100N/mm ) and the DUO system provide the machine with high flexibility

In the lengths from 4m up, the machine is equipped with two foot pedals 

See Attachs. MAXI PLUS and Summary at the bottom

See #4936 for general information on the range

The main advantages of these quality, well-priced machines:

  • fast workcycle, short setup time
  • very accurate bends obtained
  • as the blank is placed on machine back gauge, a single operator can easily handle even largely-sized parts
  • no need for a lot of purposely-designed tooling

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Model8.0mm MAXI PLUS Type Folders #4939