F&P 3-Box, 14m Heavy Gauge S.S. Stacker (New) #3598

F&P 3-Box, 14m Heavy Gauge S.S. Stacker (New) #3598

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3-Box, "Bomb Door" Type -- material thickness: 3-16mm -- sheet stack height max. (incl. pallet): 400mm -- sheet stack weight max.: 5ton -- Equipment description: 6mm + 4mm + 4mm Boxes with sheet transfer belts at Boxes #1 and #2 3m scrap trucks with inclinable plates, each: 3ton capacity 6m double scissor-table lift, 5ton capacity two 4m scissor-table lifts, each: 5ton capacity three chain conveyors on scissor-table, each: 5ton capacity three nylon chain conveyors on weighing cells, each: 6.4m long, with 5ton capacity two lifts for conveyors ^ two sets, each with 5 fixed rafters to lift "bare" stacks -- Built to a stainless steel coil service center of Northern Italy this stacker is one of the largest installed in the Country. A line of conveyor belts moves sheets from the flying shear into the stacker; a pull/brake entry pinch roll slows down the heavy gauge sheets before they fall into boxes. A scrap-evacuation belt is also included, to divert possibly defective sheets. The stacker exit chain conveyors, altogether are ca. 35m long. An accumulation-zone is included, with individually-overturning tracks to allow manual strapping of stacks. A weighing module is also included. In the area of the two last chain conveyors, hydraulic lifting-rafters allow picking single unpacked sheets. The height from floor level of both conveyors is adjustable by means of a hydraulic system, to allow manual insertion of wooden joists under the first sheet of a stack (when wanted). The three boxes work either together or, each box works sepatately. The System can also work in 'non-stop' mode, stacking the sheets from box #3. Rackets with slide rollers, special belts, chains with nylon inserts and brass wheels allow a very 'gentle' handling of sheets.



Model3-Box, 14m Heavy Gauge S.S. Stacker (New) #3598