F&P TIG & Laser Welding Equip. #3600

F&P TIG & Laser Welding Equip. #3600

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Video 1: arc (GTAW/TIG) welding of sleeves on air tanks (Ø600mm x 2000mm long). -- parametric system with weld-joint search and automatic correction of tolerances and positioning errors Video 2: laser welding of steel cylinders and tanks -- In the photos: arc (GTAW/TIG) welding of sleeves on air tanks (Ø360mm x 1200mm long). -- full-auto. system, with detection and self-correction of position longitudinal plasma welding of carbon steel ferrules for gas cylinders (Ø120mm x 380mm long with 4mm wall thickness) robotic plasma welding cell for stainless steel temperature-sensor sheaths: the sheath tubular bodies, flanges and caps get welded together spot welding of outlet collars in galv. steel, copper and titan-zinc -- cycle time: about 35 seconds automatic assembling and spot welding of steel wires, grids and shelves -- fully automated parametric assembling operations; 8 mutually independent welding heads that can be adjusted to specific parameters at any point



ModelTIG & Laser Welding Equip. #3600