FIMI 1500x .3-2.5mm 4-HI Leveler (Used) #3623


FIMI 1500x .3-2.5mm 4-HI Leveler (Used) #3623


Year when built: 1998

Revamped (with guarantee)

Maximum material thickness 2.5mm with Rm = 420 N/mm2

Work rolls: 19 with dia. 45mm / roll length 1690mm

Back-Ups: 7 + 7 rows; adjustment by hydraulic jacks  

Upper bridge with 2 electric motors / Position-sensors 

Entry-exit tilting also by electric motor

Main motor: DC, 68 kW 2000 rpm.

Tachimetric gen.

Workspeed: 0-40m / minute

Lubrication system with electric pump on gearbox and cardan shafts


The revamping operations have included:

-  The re-grinding of work rolls, and new bearings

     -  New hydraulic power pack station / valves

     -  New lubrication equipment by grease for the work rolls, with pump

     -  New on board - electrics (limit switches, sensors, etc.)  



Model1500x .3-2.5mm 4-HI Leveler (Used) #3623