F&P "Small Business" Roll Forming Equip. (New) #3630

F&P "Small Business" Roll Forming Equip. (New) #3630

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Conveniently priced lines for roof & wall profiles, panels, ridge caps, steel purlins... products for the building industry generally*, are built in the Eastern Europe Plants on our projects and under our direct supervision.

(*Some more photos are in the Attach., at the bottom of the page.)

It is rather simple, but perfectly functional equipment; conceived essentially for small businesses: the quality alternative to the cheap "chinoiserie" that has invaded the international market.

Even with this "economic" range that we offer, good quality products can be made; and the performance of the equipment is what we declare from time to time, neither more nor less. ["Short reckonings make long friends"...]

If your budget and/or needs are limited, this could be the right equipment range for you.

In any case we guarantee your satisfaction, within limits that we specify exactly, with the equipment.


Model"Small Business" Roll Forming Equip. (New) #3630