F&P 3mm "Combo" Line (New) #3458

F&P 3mm "Combo" Line (New) #3458

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New Combination CTL/Slitting Line 1600mm x 3mm | for CR, Galv., Coated Steel... -- with: 8 Auto. CNC Programmable Slitting Heads Double 4m+4m Blank Collection Table Minimum material thickness that can be processed: .6mm Material tensile strength: up to 450 N/mm2 Entry & exit coil weight max: 12 Ton Entry coil OD max: 1500mm Entry coil ID: 508mm and 610mm Exit coil OD max: 1500mm Exit coil ID: 610mm Minimum width of slit coils: 115mm Maximum number of slit coils that can be produced with the line: 9 Line speed max.: 100m / min at slitting-recoiling -- LINE DESCRIPTION : COIL LOADING CAR All-hydraulic with 12 Ton capacity, requiring floor pit for the cylinder. The pit is covered by a sliding safety guard. Translation speed: 6m / min. UNCOILER 3-segment overhung mandrel drum, the segments hydraulically expand on wedges. The rotation of mandrel is by D.C. motor. Transmission by gears in oil bath. Mandrel diameter: 480mm ÷ 530mm (580mm÷ 630mm using additional rubber tiles). Max. coil weight: 12 Ton. - HOLD DOWN (SNUBBER ARM): with powered rolls, hydraulically operated, installed on the uncoiler frame. - SLIDERS: lower sliding guides at bottom, allowing the uncoiler displacement -- driven by a hydraulic cylinder and controlled by the operator. Stroke: ~ 150mm. - COIL EDGE CONTROL, with photo-cell and proportional servo-valve. ‘NON-STOP’ STRAIGHTENER DOUBLE INLET TABLE, hydraulically adjustable in height. UPPER HOLD-DOWN TABLE. GUIDES. 2-ROLL FEEDER; one roll rubber-coated, one in tempered and hardened steel. Roll dia.: 128mm. PRECISION STRAIGHTENER with 11 work rolls, dia.: 60mm; 13 intermediate rolls, dia.: 62mm; back-ups. D.C. motor drive. Adjustment of rolls direct from main switchboard. The straightener upper section opens by rotation, to allow easier cleaning of rolls. After the straightener, the material forms a loop. No floor pit is required. The ‘NON-STOP’ configuration prevents the strip from getting stopped while between rolls, avoiding marks on the material surface. PVC FILM DISPENSER CUTTING TO LENGTH & SLITTING SECTION ROLL FEEDER & ENCODER with two rubber-coated rolls, dia.: 120mm. Independent drive motor and positioner. SHEAR with two adjustable side-guides The blades have four cutting edges; they can get reversed up to 3 times, before having to re-sharpen or replace them. Adjustable blade clearance. AUTO. CNC-PROGRAMMABLE SLITTER with entry guides and 8 slitting heads, each head with two circular knives. The heads, moving crosswise on screws, allow varying the widths of coils in very short time. They allow making 9 strips with minimum width: 115mm at 3mm thickness -- or 6 strips + 2 edge trims. The setting-up and control of positioning of heads is automated, CNC-controlled. The operator sets, by the main ‘touch-screen’ control panel the positions that each head has to reach. He can also recall “recipes” that were stored before in the line-memory. The control automatically gives a correct sequence for the displacements of all slitting heads, avoiding ‘collisions’; it automatically unlocks heads and, moves them all to their positions so that the wanted strip widths are obtained. The heads get automatically locked ‘in position’ by means of hydraulic clamps, that ensure stability and precision. The knife clearance adjustment also is automated. SCRAP WINDERS Capacity: 150 kg each winder. SMALL AUXILIARY RECOILER With variable speed, adjustable by the operator; complete with push-off plate & a tilting roll table it has a 400 kg capacity and the max. material thickness here is 1.5mm only. Mandrel diameter: 508mm. When not in use this small recoiler stays off-line. DOUBLE BLANK COLLECTION TABLE Each table 4m long with a 3 Ton capacity. One table is fixed, the other table can be removed while slitting coils. STRIP TENSION PAD / ROLLS & EDGE CONTROL “FELT” TENSION PAD Fixed, placed at recoiler entry. BRAKING ROLLS 220 mm dia., with D.C. motor drive. EDGE CONTROL The rolls^ are mounted on an oscillating frame. The control on the alignment of the ‘rounds’ during recoiling, obtained by means of a proportional photocell checking on the coil edge. A hydraulic system makes the strip braking unit oscillate, to correct the alignment of strips on recoiler. SEPARATOR ARMS - at loop entry, after the slitting heads; - at loop exit, in front of the tension pad; - and on recoiler’s overarm. 10 AUTOMATICALLY-POSITIONING SEPARATORS with hydraulically clamped/unclamped frames. Complete with motor and magnetic position-readouts. The separators get moved synchronous with the slitting heads. EXIT TABLE to: “MAIN” RECOILER With D.C. motor drive. The overhung mandrel shaft is of steel, manufactured without any ‘interruptions’ on the outside circumference around tiles. It hydraulically expands. A hydraulic PUSH-OFF PLATE is installed on recoiler. Recoiler max. capacity: 12 Ton. Max. coil width: 1600mm. Max. coil OD: 1500mm. Coil ID: 610mm. The recoiler is also complete with an OVERARM WITH QUICK-CLAMP SEPARATORS^. COIL OFF-LOADING CAR With hydraulic up/downstroking, it requires a pit. Car max. capacity 12 Ton. Max. coil width 1600mm. Transversal stroke, ca. 3000mm. Vertical stroke, 700mm. Translation speed, approx. 6m / min . CONTROL BOARD AND POWER BOARD A numerical control that receives and displays the speed, acceleration, deceleration, position of slitting heads, size and number of sheets/meters to be cut etc. … data. Storing information and setting “recipes” is possible, in the memory. The display is of the “touch screen” type, with a graphical representation of the complete line. The operator can easily set the parameters, verify the operating mode of the line, insert specific data a.s.o. Some selectors also on the panel, that are for: starting the line, activating “emergencies” or making specific operations. The line is connected to our customer technical support service by a remote-assistance system. Upon user’s request and authorization, the remote-connection enables immediate interventions to set parameters, detect alarms, check production… without intervention ‘on the spot’.


Model3mm "Combo" Line (New) #3458
material thickness range.6mm – 3.0mm
tensile strengthup to 450 N/mm2
entry coil width max.1600mm
entry & exit coil weight max12 Ton
entry coil od max1500mm
entry coil id508mm and 610mm
exit coil od max1500mm
exit coil id610mm
minimum width of slit coils115mm
line speed max.100m / min at slitting-recoiling
max. coil weight12 Ton
max. coil width1600mm
Reference number3458