F&P Levelers & Straighteners (New) #3476

F&P Levelers & Straighteners (New) #3476

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High quality new Levelers & Straighteners for material thicknesses up to 16mm by us: 4-HI & 6-HI types, with all options like: quick changeover roll cassettes, quick calibration, back-up removal etc. -- Levellers help solving coil set, crossbow, center-buckle and wavy edge problems. By selectively bending portions of the leveller work rolls through the adjustable back-up rolls, the material fibers get properly stretched in the "critical" areas. In the 6-HI configuration in particular, full-width intermediate rolls are mounted between the work rolls and the back-up rolls, to help distributing the pressure of the latter across the surface of work rolls. This setup is used for surface-critical materials: like i.g. aluminum, polished stainless, pre-painted... -- Straighteners & Levellers i.g.: -- Ordinary Straighteners (or "Flatteners") incorporate large-diameter rolls (five to eleven) and can just remove the coil set and crossbow. They cannot correct side-to-side length variations. -- The Precision Straighteners' rolls are of smaller diameters; back-up rolls keep the top & bottom work rolls "parallel". But, the back-up rolls being fixed these Straighteners also can only remove the coil set and crossbow. -- Levellers incorporate a series of closely-spaced, relatively small work rolls with adjustable back-up rolls along these. The adjustment of back-up rolls allows deflecting portions of the work rolls, e.g. to eliminate/minimize material defects like crossbow, edge-waves etc. -- For optimum flatness in general, Levellers are required. -- Versatile, efficient and easy to operate our Levellers deliver "premium-quality" aluminium, carbon steel, copper, high tensile strength materials, prepainted metals, stainless steel, tinplate, titanium... products They are highly regarded by mills, coil service centers etc. for their high performance and reliability



ModelLevelers & Straighteners (New) #3476