F&P Panel/Profile Handling Systs. (New) #2184-5

F&P Panel/Profile Handling Systs. (New) #2184-5

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Fully custom-designed Systems, individually designed from time to time to meet specific Client needs


In the first two photos:

2-axis trapezoidal sheet handling system

  • The System picks sheets from a roll forming line, feeds them to a curving machine, and then off-loads the finished product.

(curving radius: 6m)

Before curving, a foam stripe is glued on section edge to contain the PU foam

In the following three photos:

Cartesian manipulators & stacking robots for panels up to 12m in length, complete with product-quality recognition systems:

  • A) Cartesian manipulators for panels up to 12m in length and max. 120 kg weight --picking panels up from the production line end, and forming “1st choice” and, resp. “2nd choice” product-stacks
  • B) Robotic stackers for panels up to 8m in length, with minimized floor space requirement --interfaced by SW direct with the production line, to recognize the quality standard of the incoming panels



ModelPanel/Profile Handling Systs. (New) #2184-5