F&P 1500x2mm Multi-Blanking Line (Used) #3754

F&P 1500x2mm Multi-Blanking Line (Used) #3754

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1500mm x .4-2mm (< 400N/mm2) "Combo" Line

-- decoiler missing (but we can propose a good used powered decoiler to complete the line)

-- PROGRAMMABLE SLITTING HEADS / max. number of cuts up to 2mm material thickness: 6 cuts. - minimum strip width: 100mm

very good condition; was in operation until the end of 2020

it is proposed 'as is' or, alt. revamped by ourselves; revamping IS required* if we have to install and commission the line

*acceptance test: at our Plant 5


Description :

  • adjustable material entry guides
  • protection film dispenser, pinch rolls
  • 5 roll straightener
  • hydraulic crop shear
  • auto. marking unit
  • adjustable material guides -- 2nd pair
  • 6 auto. CNC-programmable slitting heads with auto. knife clearance adjustment; tooled. Minimum strip width: 100mm at all material thicknesses, up to 2mm
  • pinch rolls -- 2nd pair
  • measuring unit with encoder
  • ("main") shear #2, mech. power type --synchronized with the material feeding speed. 4-edged blades


30m / minute -- stop/start

cut length accuracy: +/- .5mm


original tech. literature available







Model1500x2mm Multi-Blanking Line (Used) #3754