F&P Custom Tailored Slitting Lines (New) #3756

F&P Custom Tailored Slitting Lines (New) #3756

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We are able to design and manufacture EXACTLY the line you want, with any constructive and functional feature agreed with you in every detail.

The initial information we need to "frame" your requirements are those indicated in the QUESTIONNAIRE for Slitting Lines, which you will find later in this Section:

1. Type of Material/s

2. Maximum Tensile Strength at what Material Thickness

3. Maximum Yield at Max. Material Thickness

4. Entry & Exit Coil Max. Weight

5. (^ for each Type of Material, if more than one) Minimum Material Thickness

6. (^ for each Type of Material, if more than one) Maximum Material Thickness

7. Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil Width

8. Minimum / Maximum Entry Coil ID

9. Minimum / Maximum Exit Coil ID

10. Maximum Entry Coil OD

11. Maximum Exit Coil OD

12. Minimum Slit Width

13. (^ for each Type of Material, if more than one) Max. Number of Cuts Required at What Thickness

14. Required Max. Line Speed

15. Want any type of Quick Tool Change? or Programmable Slitting Heads, Separators?

16. Entry Crop Shear?

17. Exit Crop Shear? (Yes or No)

18. Corrective Straightener?

19. Scrap Baler? Choppers? Winders? (< Specify)

20. Planned Annual Line Production

21. Voltage


Once we have provided you with general indications, both technical and economic, about the line that we intend to propose, one or more meetings are obviously necessary to deepen the subject.

We often manage to propose solutions that are also economically interesting, for good "Western" construction-standards; however, when your budget is inadequate -as far as we are concerned- for equipment that meets your specifications, we tell you clearly ... and that's it.

Often enough we can propose second-hand lines, also revamped, which can be modified according to your requirements. In this case, however, it is always equipment from qualified Brands which cannot be supplied at the price of scrap.

Therefore: please ask us for proposals, studies, information if you intend to equip yourself with machinery that is efficient and well made/re-manufactured, spending a reasonable amount for the same.

Thanks for your collaboration!



ModelCustom Tailored Slitting Lines (New) #3756