F&P Live Demos: Lines (New) for max. 2.5mm #3480

F&P Live Demos: Lines (New) for max. 2.5mm #3480

orCall +39 393 577 2205


We can show you cut to length lines, multi-blanking lines* and slitting lines* as above that we have built ... (*both 'conventional' and fitted with our patented programmable slitting heads)

... installed and under power at the plants of many Customers of ours located near to our NW-Italy works. -- To visit please register with us: > groupmarketing@alice.it.

If you will be flying, we can meet with you at the MILAN-MALPENSA International Airport:

> http://www.milanomalpensa-airport.com/en/flights.

-- To see equipment of this particular range:

> https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/223640-stop-start-mini-ctl-lines-new-for-max-1mm-m-s-3192 > https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/227706-1250mm-x-1mm-multi-blanking-lines-new-3193 > https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/105166-1000-1250mm-x-1mm-mini-slitting-lines-new-3507

(for materials up to 1mm max. thickness only)

... the airport is VENICE MARCO POLO:

> https://www.venice-airport.com/. -- You are welcome to see us.



ModelLines (New) for max. 2.5mm / Demos #3480