F&P "Small" Blanking/Punching/... Lines #3784

F&P "Small" Blanking/Punching/... Lines #3784

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Customized "small" lines, at the buyer's choice with e.g.:

  • multi- stock reels (powered or even stand-type undriven) and multi- feeders
  • cars/cradles/ramps for several coils
  • fine straighteners with back-ups
  • automated CNC programmable slitting heads and separators
  • bending/clinching/embossing/forming/laser-cutting, marking/notching/punching/ribbing/stamping/surface-treating/welding... stations
  • any equipment like protection film applicators, paper rewinders...
  • high frequency, mobile, tilt shears
  • baby-coil winders and tippers
  • automatic product handling & packaging systems

....... in short, with completely "tailor-made" features to satisfy particular needs relating to flexibility / rapid retooling / 'degree of automation' in general of the equipment:

we are good at designing and manufacturing lines of this type to produce shaped blanks, panels, perforated elements a.s.o.

Especially manufacturers of components for industrialized construction, appliances, steel shelving and electrical panels buy them.

They give the advantages of producing directly from coil, at a certain speed, with a more than fair flexibility (although, this is obviously not comparable to that of 'commercial' sheet metal FMSs).

In their conception due importance is given to both the objective requirements of the Customer and the resulting cost of the equipment: our 'bespoke lines' punctually deliver the performance promised without costing excessively.

Inventiveness, mastery of all sheet metal working technology, constant professional updating, ability to find highly-functional solutions for each 'case' at not excessive costs make our team of project engineers active in this "made-to-measure equipment" Division a truly brilliant operating unit in our Group.



Model"Small" Blanking/Punching/... Lines #3784