F&P 1500x2.0mm Multi-Blanking Lines #3917

F&P 1500x2.0mm Multi-Blanking Lines #3917

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1500mm x 2mm Multi-Blanking* Lines with Programmable Heads (* +Auxiliary Recoiler option ) 30m / min -- ​ 4+ CNC Programmable Heads** - Head Model: E26 **https://www.coilandstripequipment.com/listings/75552-programmable-slitting-heads-separators-new-3469 VIDEO ^ (click) -minimum strip width 100mm -knife diameter 180mm -automated adjustment of knife clearance -- “Stop/Start” & Non-Stop” Versions available -- Line capacity with Rmax = 410 MPa: alu., copper, galv., prepainted…: max. 2.0mm thick material; with stainless steel: max. 1.2mm -- "Standard" Line Configuration: 5 Ton Powered Decoiler with Snubber Arm 455—530mm Coil ID 1300mm max. Coil OD AC/Inverter Drive manually adjustable Material Entry Guides dia. 120mm Pinch Rolls dia. 100mm Straightening Rolls mechanical power Cutoff Shear Encoder 4 automated CNC-Programmable Slitting Heads ^ AC/Inverter Drive centralized lubrication strip pull-out exit Rolls -- Options: - Coil Loading Car - Protection Film Applicator - Auxiliary Recoiler & Coil “Partial-Cut” System, incl. apposite Shear - NC Marking Unit - Extra- Slitting Heads as above



Model1500x2.0mm Multi-Blanking Lines #3917