F-P/Salv. - Panel Bender & FMS Questionnaire #3958

F-P/Salv. - Panel Bender & FMS Questionnaire #3958

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If you don't know which Model/s is/are right for you, please send us this data:

  • A material/s to be processed and thicknesses, min./max.
  • B maximum diagonal of blanks
  • C type/s of product/s to be manufactured
  • D maximum bending height
  • E maximum acceptable "age" of the equipment
  • F overhaul required? to what degree? with warranty from us, and for what period?
  • G which of the two Brands is your favorite?
  • H budget

Thank you



ManufacturerF-P/Salv. -
ModelPanel Bender & FMS Questionnaire #3958