F&P Insulation Cladding CTL-Punching Lines #3962

F&P Insulation Cladding CTL-Punching Lines #3962

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Model 90D with: - beading system - 5 head punching system for dia. 3mm holes

1000mm wide

material thickness: .5mm to 1.25mm M.S. (R= 40kg/mm2) / .8mm S.S. (AISI 304, 306, 316) -- and resp., max. .8/.6mm at beading and punching

overall dimensions x/y/z excluding feeds: 2500mm x 1400mm x 1300mm

weight excluding feedes: 1900kg


Stop/start -- 15m / minute, accuracy: +/- .2mm M.S.

  • powered or undriven decoiler/s with max. cap.: 5ton ( see: > Coil Handling Equipment, #3194 & #3230/.1/.3 )
  • manually adjustable material entry guides
  • 5 roll straightener with: dia. 100mm pinch rolls, rubber coated and chromium plated work rolls; transmission by gears; encoder & length measuring wheel
  • electric guillotine shear

Options for all Models:

multiple undriven decoilers

mobile decoiler/s on guides


ribbing station (added to straightener^)

ink-jet printer

"Standard" electrics: 380V - 50/60Hz - 3phase + heart



ModelInsulation Cladding CTL-Punching Lines #3962