F&P + Others > What "Kind" Of Line Do You Need?

F&P + Others > What "Kind" Of Line Do You Need?

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(With the premise that we only offer good equipment -- large or small... new or used/re-manufactured... :)

> for your convenience, let's talk o-p-e-n-l-y about your requirements

  • a. we need to have the technical information specified in the QUESTIONNAIRE (see)

  • b. if there are "reference" equipment builders (of Western Countries!) for you: please let us know which ones they are

  • c. if there is used equipment to propose, what guarantee do you require for it?

  • d. what delivery time do you need?

  • e. what is the budget available for the investment in question?

Once we have this information ^ we will be able to try to make you the most suitable proposals for your needs, if the request falls within the scope of our possibilities and competences

Your cooperation is of essential importance!




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